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22 Feb

This summers biggest festivals are on and over the horizon and I’m sure you’ve already been dreaming of cavorting under the light of the moon in glorious fancy dress outfits! I know I have! And what every fancy dress wardrobe needs is some jazzy head adornments. These are especially useful on the last day, when your hair has started to dreadlock itself and you don’t want to waste your last energy reserves brushing it!! This hat is your secret to looking AWESOME all festival long! But wait! Why limit yourself to festivals alone?! Why not infiltrate everyday life with a bit of awesomeness? Try doing the housework in one, maybe walking the dog…transform mundane everyday tasks into a dazzling catwalk! Watch as people stare and gape in sheer wonderment! So heres a little class on how to craftily create a hat SO jazzy that passing children will spontaneously burst into flames, nuns will weep, satellites will change course and its sheet magnetic pull will rip open a black hole in your living room.You will need;

  • A hat; I like tophats for that gentified vibe…
  • Decorations; fake birds, faux flowers/foliage, feathers, sequins, ribbons, foam skulls, feather boas (Fake flowers are very useful, including the leaves)
  • A glue gun and plenty of glue re-fills
  • Needle and thread (darning needles are good)
  • A pumping soundtrack, I personally like this…http://www.mixcloud.com/bestimix/bestimix-76-crazy-p/

Step 1; Heat up the glue gun…maybe pour yourself a glass of fine wine, or a pot of tea.Step 2; Pump up your chosen soundtrack…this will set the mood for a seriously jazzy crafternoon. Step 3; Organize your items, have a play around and see what looks best. Its good to choose a main focal point, and then maybe select two smaller items. In this example I used the purple glittery fronds and then covered up the unsightly ends with the blue flower. The little bird was just a finishing touch.Step 4; Glueing. Choose the flattest and largest area on the item to glue to the hat, use a decent sized blob and hold it in place for a good 20 seconds. Don’t rush this stage.Once all the items are in place take a step back and have a look at your handy work. Now would be a good time to turn up your music and have a sip of tasty beverage. Step 5; Take your needle and thread and carefully sew the heavier pieces into place. Be sure to choose a thread color that wont show up.Step 6; cover up any unsightly marks or ends with some fake leaves or petals.Step 7; place hat on head, hold it down and get ready for flaming nuns and black holes opening up in your mind!!